The hidden ingredients

by Green Gourmet February 03, 2017

Being vegan and respecting life means taking that extra care to check your ingredients and contents labels to sort out all the animal products.

Here's a list of common animal ingredients to look out for when purchasing food for your vegan friends:

* Gelatin (anything that requires setting, even toothpaste) - from pig fat

* Casein (in desserts, jelly powders) - a milk protein

* Rennet (often in cheese) - from animal bones.

* Bone Char (used in processing of sugar) - animal bones, fortunately not in Australia

* Albumin  - from eggs

* Whey - from dairy

Here at Green Gourmet we use only vegan ingredients in our kitchen and have read all the fineprint of our purchased ingredients.  All items purchased from our stores are free of animal products.

Green Gourmet
Green Gourmet


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Celebrating 18 years of Green Gourmet
Celebrating 18 years of Green Gourmet

by Green Gourmet September 09, 2016

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