RAW Chia Chai Cheesecake (RAW, GF, RSF)

Raw, Gluten-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free, Refined-Sugar-Free

Cashew cream infused with the rich earthy tastes of Chai, coconut sugar, cinnamon, cocoa, ginger and ground coriander.  Topped with a chai chia seed gel, this gluten free, RAW cake evokes memories of a warming hearth and home.

Medium 15cm: Serves 8-12

Large 22cm: Serves 12-16


RAW CAKES embody the true essence of uncooked healthy desserts packed full of vitamins and essential amino acids.  To be classified as raw, all ingredients are in their natural state, unprocessed, never heated above 46 degrees Celcius.

At Green Gourmet, we do not sacrifice on taste and texture, using only premium ingredients which combine to give maximum flavour.

We have tested multiple sugar and coconut oil combinations to bring to you this delicious offering of our collective experience. You will appreciate that the true natural flavours of all the ingredients' shine through.  Indeed, our chefs make an effort to adjust flavour on every single cake as each batch of fruit has its own unique footprint.

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