Celebrating 18 years of Green Gourmet

by Green Gourmet September 09, 2016

Celebrating 18 years of Green Gourmet

As a family-run business, we are very proud to be announcing our 18th Anniversary in Aug 2016.  We are humbled that our customers have made us an integral part of the vegetarian and vegan scene since the very beginning when we brought to Newtown the first Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant.

Since then we have witnessed Newtown become the number one eating spot for vegetarians and vegans with many all plant-based menus.  I remember our first exploration into soya ice-cream, deep fried 'not-calamari' and lemon 'not-chicken'.  For many years we got many a questioning look for these menu items, just as we are getting now for our 'vegan macarons'.  But our path hasn't changed and will not change, it has always been compassion to the earth and all its inhabitants.

As our name suggests, we have grown up - we are no longer just a restaurant - we are GREEN GOURMET KITCHEN.  We have taken our expertise in vegan ingredients to create textures and tastes in a full range of bakery products as well.  The last 8 years has seen us specialising in gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free cakes.  We love a challenge and we say thank you to all our customers who have pushed us to our great results and innovations.

And it can only get better - watch this space.  Let's work together to bring delicious plant-based meals to every diner in Sydney and beyond!

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